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Selector VEX 400/500/600

Configuration and performance calculation of VEX high efficiency HRV units for Commercial buildings


The Selector VEX 400 500 600 software allows ventilation professionals to quickly select a double flow vmc unit from the VEX range: one that meets the needs of a given tertiary building.
The VEX range includes high efficiency double flow units, with different types of connections possible: lateral and vertical. These power plants are manufactured in France by ALDES.

Our tool acts as an aid in choosing the right double-flow vmc unit, depending on a specific ventilation installation project. It suffices to indicate the necessary air flow, with an average outdoor temperature in summer and winter, etc.
Selector VEX 400 500 600 then performs an automatic selection of the appropriate vmc unit models with the different possible options: blowing filter, internal coil, exchanger, antifreeze, etc.

At the end, the software delivers a complete document, printable and transferable by email, summarizing the technical data of the equipment to be installed: efficiency, power consumption, etc. Also available, complete costing of the plant, a wiring plan, etc.

The interface of the Selector VEX 400 500 600 software is modern, attractive and very intuitive. This, to facilitate the work of professionals. To offer them significant time savings in their ventilation system installation project, which is also the most relevant technically but also economically.

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