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Selector PoWair

A tool to help for the selection of Aldes ventilation fans


How to choose a ventilation fan with the Selector poWair software

ALDES has designed software to aid in the selection of ventilation fans. Selector poWair allows you to quickly choose the product that meets the needs of a specific project. This tool is intended for pre-project design offices, for any type of building. It allows you to check the correct choice of ventilation equipment.

Selector poWair is cross-platform: it can be used on PC, tablet or smartphone. It is also available online. It is also multilingual and incorporates the regulations of each country concerning ventilation standards.
The other strengths of the Selector poWair software: the simplicity of its interface and the quality of the final report. It is a reference tool for professionals, both easy to use and very comprehensive.

A tool for calculating the power consumption of fans

Used when sketching a single flow vmc installation project, Selector poWair is a fan consumption calculator. He will select the equipment adapted to the constraints of the building, while respecting the standards of RT 2012. To do this, it suffices to proceed by step, being guided by the software which is intended to be very intuitive:
• Selection of a building type
• Definition of the type of fan required: air extraction and / or blowing, outdoor or indoor fan, ventilation boxes, duct fan, turrets …
• Indication of air flow: possibility of using the assistant integrated in the software, when you do not know the needs of a building. All you have to do is indicate the type of building (office building, with or without public reception, etc.), as well as the number of rooms (offices, break rooms, meeting rooms, etc.) and people. .

The ventilation fan selection assistance software allows you to get a very comprehensive report at the end. This document includes all the technical elements of the project and a list of the ventilation equipment selected.

An input aid tool for thermal calculation software

The Selector PoWair software provides you with a document library of the reference regulatory texts for Thermal Regulations in connection with Aldes systems and solutions. These documents are accessible for individual housing, collective housing and tertiary buildings.

In addition, this selection tool also offers a tutorial to help you enter Aldes products and systems into thermal calculation software.

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