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Selector Koanda 3D

Air diffusers: make the right choice with Selector Koanda 3D software!


To help you choose the right air diffusers, Aldes offers Koanda 3D software. It is a project management tool for air diffusion in a commercial building. This software will select the products corresponding to the needs of each project: that is to say, while respecting ventilation and acoustic comfort. The advantage of this software compared to the previous version: the 3D visualization of the air jets in the room, to install each air diffuser in the best possible location.

Choose the right air diffuser suitable for the type of building and ventilation
Koanda 3D was developed because there are many products for air diffusion. These are adapted to each type of building: school, hospital, retirement home, etc. These terminals of various sizes are located at the end of a ventilation or air treatment system. Their function: to blow or extract air from a wall, a floor, a ceiling or even a duct. Among these air diffusers are:
– Small terminals
– Indoor grilles, outdoor grilles, wall grilles, floor-mounted grilles, etc.
– Ceiling diffusers, slot diffusers, swirl jet, others …

Koanda 3D ensures the complete management of a project: definition of the buildings and premises concerned, integration of obstacles to air flows and finally, the selection of appropriate air diffusion equipment. The pleasant and ergonomic interface makes it easier to choose the positioning of the terminals.

An ultra-efficient calculation engine to quickly select air diffusers
To quickly select the right air diffusion products for a project, Selector Koanda 3D includes a very powerful calculation engine. This will sort the equipment adapted to a specific building and according to certain constraints: air speed, air flow, noise from the terminal, pressure drop …

This tool is very easy to use, thanks to its design and very intuitive interface.

3D visualization of air jets for better placement of air diffusers
The software displays 3D air jets in a room, indicating certain technical elements: air speed, temperature …
In addition, this project management tool for air diffusion in a building precisely calculates the trajectories of air flows. It thus manages collisions between air jets and collisions of air jets against obstacles. This 3D navigation inside a room allows an optimal visualization of the location of the terminals of a ventilation system.

A complete air and acoustic report on the study of the air diffusion project
At the end of the study of the air diffusion project in a given building, the Koanda 3D software proposes to print a complete report: this technical document may be of interest to the design offices, who will have the opportunity to serve as a working base. There is an exhaustive list of materials and accessories, as well as technical information on the terminals and all elements of the project (air data and acoustic calculation of the room).

It is also possible to transfer projects by email to employees (promoters, installers) directly via the software.

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