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Conceptor Ventilation

Reliable, simple to use and complete ventilation projects software!

Conceptor Ventilation is a software for the design of ventilation projects for professionals: design offices and installers. With this computer tool developed by ALDES and downloadable on computer, you very quickly realize your ventilation projects. This HVAC installation calculation software is very intuitive and therefore very easy to use.

No need to estimate the aeraulic dimensioning by hand. The design of a ventilation network becomes much simpler! The key : a considerable time saving and therefore a significant saving. This, while respecting the regulations on ventilation and air renewal, while also taking into account the constraints of electricity consumption. The whole point of the software is here: find the fan that consumes the least, but which ventilates the best.
Above all, this software is very accurate and ultra reliable, guaranteeing a zero error rate. With this tool, ALDES offers professionals a complete business solution, which covers all the needs in design and costing of ventilation systems.

A ventilation design tool for residential and commercial housing

Our ventilation dimensioning software includes three separate modules, allowing the realization of ventilation projects for different types of buildings:
– Individual housing
– Multi-family housing
– Commercial: offices, schools …

Thus, by selecting one of these modules, the user launches the graphic design of CMEV or HRV system on the background of an individial house, multi-family building or commercial building. The tool helps you to automatically perform the aeraulic dimensioning: the calculation of the diameter of the ventilation ducts and the length of the installation, depending on the air flow extracted by the fan, pressure drops, etc. With the Conceptor Ventilation software, the user is guaranteed to obtain calculations of a very high reliability and precision. In addition, it is possible to visualize the ventilation network in 3D.

Our software allows you to dimension and encrypt a ventilation network, then print a complete technical document at the end of the study, including a list of ventilation equipment suitable for the project. This report can make the difference with your customers!
A very good knowledge of its prescribers allows ALDES to develop this free software and adapt it to the needs of ventilation professionals.

Click here to download the software