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Isone 1500 – Fire dampers

  • CE marking-compliant in accordance with EN 15650.
  • Fire test reports on main supports, assembly in all positions (blades horizontal and vertical), under 1500 Pa pressure and in both fire directions.
  • Specially adapted for systems where the operating pressure is between 500 and 1500 Pa.
  • Multi-position fire damper.
  • Optimised dimensions and aeraulic performance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Possible to assemble in battery.
  • Traditional mortar seal without fastening accessories.
  • Upgradeable mechanism: all equipment can be inserted/removed by hand.
  • Dual-voltage trip device (24 V or 48 V).
  • Easy to cable with detachable terminal.
  • Shell versions for circular and sleeve connection for rectangular connection.
  • Comprises rectangular duct components made of refractory material – sleeves (rectangular ducts) or shells (circular ducts) are fixed to the ends for connection to the air ductwork.
  • Available in ISONE 1500 shell version (Ø 160 to 1000 mm) and ISONE 1500 sleeve version (200 x 200 to 950 x 1000 or 1500 x 1500 mm).
  • Upgradeable mechanism box attached to a sleeve.
  • Offset from the blade itself to avoid it being sealed into the partition during installation of the damper.
  • ISONE upgradable mechanism offering multiple options, selected when ordered or added at a later time.
  • Trip device options:
    • 70°C thermal fuse trip device: obligatory for all dampers compliant with NF-S 61.937-5. A thermal, stainless steel rod is fitted into the mechanism box, held in place by a screw. Rapid access for fuse changes.
    • Electromagnetic trip device: operates on external command (e.g. Fire safety control system) via power emission (VDS) or power cut-off (VM) An exclusive development for the trigger enables operation under 24 V or 48 V DC. Manual switch between the two. Power: VDS ≤ 3.5 W / VM ≤ 1.5 W.
    • Manual control: obligatory for all dampers compliant with NF-S 61.937-5. White handle integrated into the unit for trip activation without removing the cover.
  • Reset options:
    • Manual reset: possible without removing cover.
    • EHOP 30S reset motor: resets the blade to standby position without manual action on the damper. Resets in less than 10 seconds. Max. current during reset: 0.7 A. Current absorbed at other times: 0 A. Voltage either 24 V and 48 V DC/AC.
  • Signal options:
    • Contacts indicating blade position is closed (FCU1) or open (DCU1) or both.
    • Bi-pole contacts possible.
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