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Axone – Relay boxes

  • Interface between Low voltage distribution board and smoke exhaust fan unit (air exhaust or supply).
  • Manages fan operation and any faults that may impair the security of the fan (smoke exhaust).
  • Version with built-in switch and pressure switch: ideal for box to be installed less than 2 m from fan unit.
  • Easy wiring (hinged covers, easy-access terminals, multiple cable glands, preset insulation check, etc.).
  • Diagnostic support (built-in digital display, two mini simulation push-buttons, mini-lights indicating voltage presence on remote controls).
  • NF-certified relay box.
  • 3 versions available:
  • 1 smoke exhaust speed (with or without progressive start-up).
  • 2 smoke exhaust speeds.
  • 2 speeds: smoke exhaust and comfort.
  • Hinged cover.
  • Smoke exhaust push-button on front panel.
  • Possible to integrate the pressure switch and proximity switch on 4 A, 7 A and 16.7 A models.
  • IP54 rated box.
  • Insulation check on line upstream of box, factory preset to 500 k.
  • Upstream phase check: verifies the presence of phases and non-inversion.
  • Records the state of the box in the event of power cut.
  • When power is returned, the box returns to its initial state.
  • Available accessories: reset unit, fire service shutdown unit, proximity switch, pressure switch.
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