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VMT Mod – Modulated control

  • System enabling automatic airflow control according to room occupancy and needs.
  • System comprising:
    • Main Mod Pilot module (essential).
    • Components enabling control according to system configuration: Mod MDA module for premises served by a ductwork branch (multi-zone) or a fan for rooms ventilated by a specific fan unit (single-zone).
    • Room sensors: 3 detection methods: (Agito, Presence and CO2).
  • All components of the Mod VMT system are connected together by 2 wires that supply power and ensure data transfer.
  • 3 room occupancy detection methods:
    • Agito: analyses the occupancy rate according to the number of movements detected (Mod Optical sensor). Low or proportional ventilation according to activity.
    • Presence: detection of occupancy (Mod Optical sensor). Full or low ventilation according to occupancy.
    • CO2: analysis and occupancy rate (Mod CO2 sensor). Full or low ventilation / low or proportional according to activity.
  • Mod Pilot main module:
    • Reports faults.
    • Reports number of modules connected.
  • Mod MDA:
    • According to data received from the Mod Pilot main module, the Mod MDA module adjusts the airflow in its ductwork branch to match air renewal with needs.
    • Operates on an open/closed basis but adjusts the airflow by varying the opening time.
    • Diameters from 125 mm to 315 mm.
    • Airtight ducts (2 seals).
    • Mod MDA open position indicator.
  • Optional complementary modules: 3 modules for multiple interactions with components external to the Mod VMT system (In/Out 0-10 V module, Mod Relay module and Mod Contact module).