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VEX700T – Rotative heat exchanger

  • Reduced size Air Handling Units (vertical fittings, bi-blocks).
  • 8 VEX700T models – to 10 000 m3/h.
  • High-efficiency ( up to 86%) enthalpic heat exchanger
  • Rotary enthalpic heat exchanger – Eurovent certified AARE (Air-to-Air regenerative heat exchanger program).
  • Siemens Climatix controls, personalised for Aldes.
  • Optimal air quality and thermal comfort through a wide range of filter types and coils.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • CE compliant.
  • Compliant with 2018 ErP regulations.
  • Self-supporting construction with panels in galvanised steel.
  • Insulation using 50 mm of mineral wool, density 70kg/m3
  • Access to all components via hinged doors fitted to front face and to control system via a specific central hatch.
  • EC motor and high-performance backward-curved impellers.
  • M5 compact filters on extract air and F7 on supply air (as standard).
  • M5, F7 & F9 filters available.
  • M5 or F7 pre-filters as an option.
  • External electrical coils, hot water, cold water, change-over and Dx+/-.
  • Proximity switch available as an option.
  • Siemens Climatix controls:
    • Constant speed.
    • Constant airflow.
    • Constant pressure.
    • Airflow control using CO2/VOC sensor (0-10V signal).
    • Built-in clock: operating hours can be controlled with timer.
  • Configuration & monitoring via:
    • Remote control.
    • Web interface.
    • BMS communication via ModbusRTU, Bacnet, TCP/IP or MS/TP protocols.
  • De-frost by means of reducing flowrates.
  • Freecooling as standard and Nightcooling as an option.