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VEX5000 modular – Rotative Heat Exch.

  • Modular Air Handling Unit for heat recovery or only exhaust/supply air.
  • 8 models – up to 50 000 m3/h.
  • Wide airflow range.
  • High efficiency rotary heat exchanger (Eurovent AARE) with choice of efficiency level.
  • Extreme temperature resistance.
  • Eurovent Cerficiation for all unit.
  • CE-conformity.
  • Construction using galvanised steel profiles and double skinned panels.
  • External finish in Aluzinc AZ185: Corrosion class C4.
  • Insulation : mineral wool 50mm, density 70 kg/m3.
  • Values EN1886: D2, L1/L2, T3, TB3, F9.
  • AC motors, impeller fans or axial ZerAX.
  • Easy access and maintenance: rail mounted components, lit inspection hatches (optional), doors on adjustable hinges, removable with lockable handles.
  • High efficiency rotary heat exchanger (Eurovent AARE) with choice of efficiency level
  • Can be delivered in sections (depending on size).
  • Integrated purge section to preserve the quality of air indoors.
  • 3 types of rotary heat exchanger:
    • Standard aluminium with condensation.
    • Hygroscopic.
    • Epoxy: ideal for corrosive atmospheres (i.e.: sea air).
  • Cross-flow heat exchanger (as per ERP 2016 and dependant on model) as standard aluminium or epoxy. Stainless steel condensates tray and integrated modulated bypass, resistant to corrosion, depending on version.
  • Run-around coil (Twin coil) heat exchanger.
  • Choice of filters to guarantee air quality: ISO Coarse 60% (G4) or ISO ePM10 50% (M5) flat or dihedral filters, ISO ePM1 65% (F7) dihedral filters. Other types on demand.
  • Integrated switch, depending on model.
  • EXcon 100% Plug & Play control:
    • Constant airflow.
    • Constant pressure.
    • Variable airflow by CO2/VOC sensor (0-10 V signal).
    • Regulated pressure: pressure control optimised to adapt pressure set point according to measured airflow, ensuring energy efficiency.
    • Temperature control.
    • Integrated clock: operating hours can be controlled with timer.
  • Configuration and monitoring via remote, touch-sensitive controls.
  • BMS communication protocols :
    • Integrated webserver TCP/IP RJ45
    • ModbusRTU RS485
    • BACnet TCP/IP
    • LON (option)
  • Version without controls also available