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VEX400 – Counter-flow heat exchanger

  • CE compliance.
  • Compliant ErP 2018.
  • Counterflow plate heat exchanger up to 90% (AAHE-certified).
  • Built-in external switch.
  • Quality-price balance.
  • Performance and efficiency.
  • Response to urgent needs.
  • Coverage of slow airflows.
  • 4 models up to 2,300 m3/ h.
  • 2 fixed models with reduced lead times.
  • Pre-wired monobloc units.
  • Self-supporting construction with double-skin panels.
  • Mineral wool insulation, 50mm thick, density 40 kg/m3.
  • Access to all components via lift-off hinged doors on the front and to the control system via a specific central hatch.
  • Aluminium condensate collection tray.
  • Factory-mounted cowl for outdoor versions.
  • M0 galvanised steel Z275 interior finishes.
  • EC motor with backward curve impeller.
  • Adjustable by-pass.
  • Panel filters G4 (Coarse 65%) or M5 (ePM10 50%) at exhaust, F7 (ePM1 60%) or M5 (ePM10 50%) at fresh air and pre-filters G4 (Coarse 65%).
  • Monitoring filter clogging by timer (pressure switch optional).
  • Built-in external switch.
  • Aldes Classic control on calendar management:
    • Constant speed (3 speeds),
    • Speed varied by CO2/VOC (signal 0-10 V),
    • Constant airflow and pressure optional.
  • Configuration and monitoring via:
    • Wired remote control,
    • BMS via Modbus protocol RTU RS485 (BACnet, TCPIP and LON via a gateway (not supplied)).
  • De-icing by by-pass or electrical de-icing coil as option.

Selector VEX

Configuration and performance calculation of high efficiency HRV units
The Selector VEX software will help you in the selection of your high efficiency HRV unit Everest. In a few minutes, find the model adapted to your needs and get a complete technical file.

Download the Selector VEX software