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TAHA / TAVA – Rooftop exhaust fans TAHA / TAVA – Rooftop exhaust fans TAHA / TAVA – Rooftop exhaust fans
*in accordance with eco design 1253/2014 and energy labelling 1254/2014 regulations

TAHA / TAVA – Rooftop exhaust fans

  • Horizontal or vertical jet version.
  • Wide airflow coverage.
  • Standard or EC motor (micro watt).
  • Well-groomed design.
  • Wide mounting accessories range.
  • ErP conformity including speed regulator.
  • Aluminium case for good resistance against corrosion.
  •  4 versions :
    • TAHA : Horizontal jet (500 to 12 000 m3/h)
    • TAHA Micro Watt : Horizontal jet (600 to 16 000 m3/h)
    • TAVA : Vertical jet (500 to 11 000 m3/h)
    • TAVA Micro Watt : Vertical jet (600 to 14 000 m3/h
  • 10 sizes by version.
  • Micro watt motor : Low consumption motor with EC electronic switching.
  • Temperature control included to motor (micro watt version).
  • Mono-phased or three-phased alimentation according to sizes.
  • Direct control available on 0-10V (micro watt version).
  • Constant pressure regulation kit in option with 2 setpoints day/night (micro watt version)
  • Proximity switch available as standard (version micro watt).
  • Bird mesh protection grille.
  • Backward wheel jet engine.

Selector Powair

How to choose a fan with Selector poWair software

ALDES has designed a fan selection aid. Selector poWair makes it possible to quickly choose the product that corresponds to the needs of a specific project. This tool is intended for design offices in preliminary design, for any type of building. It verifies the correct choice of ventilation equipment.

The other highlights of the Selector poWair software: the simplicity of its interface and the quality of the final report. It is a reference tool for professionals, both easy to use and very complete.

Click here to download the software

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