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T.Flow Hygro + – Exhaust air T.Flow Hygro + – Exhaust air T.Flow Hygro + – Exhaust air
*in accordance with eco design 1253/2014 and energy labelling 1254/2014 regulations

T.Flow Hygro + – Exhaust air

  • Combined unit offering thermodynamic water heating and humidity-controlled ventilation (constant pressure).
  • Silent range (below 28 dB(A) *), compact (57 cm wide) and efficient (COP > 4**).
  • Energy savings: heat pump with inverter compressor on exhaust air, micro-watt motor and humidity-controlled ventilation.
  • Single product, compatible with both self-balanced CMEV systems (constant airflow) and humidity-controlled systems (constant pressure).
  • Durability: titanium + magnesium anode, soapstone resistance, protective filter.
* Maximum value at 160 m3/h, water heater + ventilation, Lp at 2 m in free air
** COP coefficient at 150 m3/h in accordance with EN 16147.
  • B200-FAN:  for single-family dwelling with built-in fan unit.
  • 4 operating modes: auto, boost, comfort, absence.
  • Heat pump:
    • 800 W heat pump on exhaust air with inverter compressor and G4 filter
    • COP coefficient (at 20 °C in accordance with EN 16147) 3.40 to 4.19
    • Fluid R134a
  • Hot water tank:
    • Enamelled 200-litre tank with 55 mm insulation and metal jacket, paint finish RAL 9006, max. volume 269L
    • Tank protected with titanium anode and magnesium starter anode
    • 1500 W soapstone booster resistance
    • Max. hot water temperature 65 °C
  • Motorised fan:
    • Micro-watt EC motor, 230 V single-phase
    • Airflow range: from 40 to 195 m3/h for basic airflow and up to 270 m3/h in boost mode
    • B200-FAN sound pressure level < 28 dB(A) (Maximum value at 160 m3/h, ventilation and hot water production in progress, 2 m in free air)
  • Display:
    • Digital display for usage and configuration functions
    • Display of active functions (heat pump, resistance, anti-Legionella) and operating data (hot water temperature, hot water available, filter condition)
  • Installation:
    • Installation in heated area for optimum thermal performance
    • Positioning on stable and level floor to ensure condensate elimination
    • Possible to install in 600 x 600 mm cupboard
    • Transport in inclined or horizontal position with front side facing up
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