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Plafone – Tunnel smoke exhaust dampers

  • CE marking-compliant in accordance with EN 12101-8.
  • Fire resistance rating according to EN 1366-10 test: EI 120 (ved-ho-i <=> o) S – 1500 Pa – AA multi.
  • NF-certified and compliant with NF-S- 61937-10.
  • Minimised airflow leakage.
  • Certified for offset and horizontal assembly.
  • Upgradeable mechanism.
  • Tunnel smoke exhaust damper comprising:
    • 2 metal sleeves on either side of a refractory material complex constituting a blade and mounting frame.
    • an intumescent seal and cold seal positioned between the blade and the refractory frame, to produce the leakage airflow required.
    • the refractory complex is drilled for mounting in the smoke exhaust duct compliant with EN 1366-8 or EN 1366-9.
    • an electrical control mechanism with an electro-magnetic trip device, up to 4 signal contacts and a reset motor.
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