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Lined – Slot diffusers

  • Elegant, sober design suited to most interior decorations of commercial buildings.
  • Identical finish for air supply and exhaust.
  • Up to 8 slots.
  • Adapts to all systems, with fixed or variable airflow.
  • Simple and innovative installation method, suited to plaster ceilings.
  • Possibility of filter on exhaust.
  • Possibility of linear strips.
  • Available in anodised aluminium or epoxy paint finish.
  • New version : LINED Slim (without frame) for perfect integration in ceilings.
  • New version : LINED Combined for supply and exhaust. Perfectly adapted to the  fan coil units often used in offices.
  • Air supply model with movable deflectors (vertical air jet possible).
  • Exhaust model with static deflectors.
  • Central core opens to enable access to filter on exhaust version.
  • Suited to variable airflow systems.
  • Suited to suspended ceilings or plaster ceilings.
  • Invisible fastening to plenum :
    •  either adjustable and accessible below the diffuser (type S3)
    • or directly by self-tapping screws on the sides of the plenum (type S2)
  • Embedded registry in plenum.

Selector Koanda 3D

What if the invisible became visible?
Selector Koanda 3D was developed to help construction tradespeople select the most suitable Aldes air diffusion products to meet the needs of each project. Select, position and enjoy a 3D view of air diffusers which respect the ambient and acoustic comfort of occupants.

Learn more about the software

Download Selector Koanda 3D