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Helione – Axial fans

  • CE compliant.
  • F400-120 and F200-120 classification.
  • Wide range for car parks, non-residential and industrial buildings.
  • Numerous accessories to make implementation easier.
  • Airflow range up to 280 000 m3/h.
  • Diameteres from Ø315 to Ø1250 mm.
  • The standard Helione range covers Ø 315 to Ø 1250 mm for airlfows of 200 to 280,000 m3/h and pressures of 100 to 500 Pa.
  • Description of the axial fan :
    • Impellers: made up of several aluminium blades, mounted on an aluminium hub. The pitch angle is determined by the operation point.
    • Blades: x-rayed individually prior to assembly to check the quality of the material.
    • Shells: cast from a metal plate, with built-in dropped edges and drill-holes for continuously-welded connections, hot-galvanised after manufacture to improve their service life. Standard = short shell, optional long shell.
    • Motor fixing arms: hot-galvanised to improve corrosion resistance.
    • Motors: boss-type, 4 poles or 4/8 poles, IP55, Class F insulation as standard. Operating temperature -20°C/+50°C.
  • Several mounting possibilites :
    • Horizontal to ground and onto the face of a wall.
    • Horizontal to ground between two ducts.
    • Horizontal fixed onto the face of a wall.
    • Vertical suspended under slab or to duct.
  • Available mounting accessories : Protective grille, Non-return damper, Helione long shell, Inlet nozzle, Square mounting plate for wall application, Stand, Anti-vibration pads, Flexible connection sleeve, Counter flange
  • Available electrical accessories : Proximity switch, Pressure switch, Emergency stop button, Relay box.
  • Relay box for residential car park is available.
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