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EasyHOME PureAir – Attics or Compact

  • NEW Solution : Centralised mechanical exhaust ventilation and air purification.
  • 3 versions : Classic (AC motor), Premium (EC motor) and Connect (Premium version with Aldes Connect app compatibility).
  • 2 models : Attics (only Classic version) or Compact for false-ceiling (Classic and Premium).
  • VOC, CO2 and H20 sensors according to versions.
  • Connected solution which offers 4 operating modes to purify the indoor air around the clock.
  • Air filtration of outdoor air with AirFILTER® air inlets.
  • Perfect integration for your interior decoration with ColorLINE grilles®.
  • Compact version : The finest of its category (187 mm).
  • Easiest solution to install (2 screws only for fixation).
  • Multi-position installation for Compact version (on wall, on floor, on ceiling…).
  • Classic version :
    • VOC and H2O sensors located near the fan.
    • 2 operating modes (speeds)
      • AUTO daily mode : Low constant speed.
      • KITCHEN/BATH BOOST : Automated high speed in kitchen and bathroom when the indoor VOC and humidity rates rise.
  • Premium and Premium Connect versions :
    • 3 H2O sensors in the kitchen and bathroom connections.
    • 1 VOC and 1 CO2 sensors located near the fan.
    • 4 operating modes :
      • HOLIDAY mode: Minimum air renewal while you are absent.
      • AUTO Daily mode: Automatically adapts the fan speed to the quantity of pollutants detected.
      • KITCHEN/BATH BOOST mode: Automated high speed mode to deal with increased humidity in kitchen or bathroom.
      • GUEST mode: Maximum speed in case of high CO2 content due to increased occupant count.
  • Attic model :
    • 1 x  Ø125 connection for kitchen.
    • 4 x  Ø80 connection for sanitary areas.
    • 1 x Ø160/125 discharge.
    • Suspended mounting in attics with the provided cord.
  • Compact model :
    • 1 x  Ø125 connection for kitchen.
    • 4 x  Ø80 connection for sanitary areas.
    • 1 x Ø160/125 discharge.
    • Multi-position mounting : Wall, ceiling, floor and inclined plane.
  • Extract airflows rates regulated according to levels of pollutants detected by VOC and H2O sensors.
  • Pictograms to aid assembly included on unit and accessories.
  • Quick-connect electric terminal block.
  • Duct connections on unit :
    • Ø125 mm in kitchen,
    • Ø80 mm in bathroom and WC,
    • Ø160 for discharge.

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Conceptor Ventilation

The first 3-in-1 design software
Conceptor Ventilation is a software for the design of ventilation studies for professionals: design offices and installers. With this computer tool developed by ALDES and downloadable on PC, you very quickly realize your ventilation studies. This VMC installation calculation software is very intuitive and therefore very easy to use.

Our ventilation dimensioning software includes three separate modules, allowing the realization of ventilation studies for different types of buildings:
-Individual housing
-Multi-family housing
-Commercial premises : Offices, Schools…

Click here to download the software