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Dee Fly Cube 550/550+ Dee Fly Cube 550/550+ Dee Fly Cube 550/550+ Dee Fly Cube 550/550+
*in accordance with eco design 1253/2014 and energy labelling 1254/2014 regulations

Dee Fly Cube 550/550+

  • Reversible connections.
  • Ventilation control via Interior Air quality sensors (CO2).
  • Colour touch screen remote control (Dee Fly Cube 550+).
  • High-efficiency heat exchanger > 90%.
  • Energy-efficient motor.
  • Airflow from 120 m3/h to 585 m3/h.
  • 2 models available : Dee Fly Cube 550 (standard wired control) and Dee Fly Cube 550+ (touch-screen wired control).
  • Operating at :
    • Constant speed (Dee Fly Cube 550 & Dee Fly Cube 550+).
    • Optional constant airflow or pressure on Dee Fly Cube 550+.
  • Filters (as per class EN 779) :
    • F7 filter on fresh air (optional F9 filter on Dee Fly Cube 550+).
    • G4 filter on exhaust air.
  • By-pass 100% as standard.
  • High-efficiency heat exchanger > 90%.
  • 3 speeds + Stop.
  • Air duct connections : Ø 150 mm (adapters Ø 160 mm included).
  • Sound pressure : at 4 m, 47 dB(A) at 585 m3/h.
  • Fresh air or exhaust air : -5°C/+40°C.
  • Frost protection by balancing airflows.
  • Pre-heated air (option).
  • Vertical attachment to wall.
  • Condensate discharge for connection to Ø 32 PVC ductwork (water trap supplied as standard).
  • Available accessories Dee Fly Cube 550+ :
    • Pre-heating coil
    • Constant pressure kit
    • Constant airflow kit
    • CO2 sensor
    • F9 filter

Conceptor Ventilation

The first 3-in-1 design software
Conceptor Ventilation is a software for the design of ventilation studies for professionals: design offices and installers. With this computer tool developed by ALDES and downloadable on PC, you very quickly realize your ventilation studies. This VMC installation calculation software is very intuitive and therefore very easy to use.

Our ventilation dimensioning software includes three separate modules, allowing the realization of ventilation studies for different types of buildings:
-Individual housing
-Multi-family housing
-Commercial premises : Offices, Schools…

Click here to download the software

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