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ColorLINE – Ventilation grilles

  • New range of ventilation grilles by Aldes.
  • Universal grille : Possibility to replace existing grilles (incompatible with humidity-controlled grilles)
  • Multi-color range – more than 15 colors and 1 transparent tailor-made grille.
  • Fits all the sleeves on the market.
  • Installation on the ceiling or the wall.
  • High acoustic performances.
  • Adjustable air diffusion.
  • Augmented reality application Aldes ColorLINE® available for smartphones and tablettes.
  • Design plate can be changed within a click.
  • Only 1 design plate whatever the diameter of ventilation grille.
  • Air diffusion is adjustable thanks to a plug clipped on the base (included).
  • Functions in extraction and supply*.
  • Exist in 2 diameters: Ø80mm and Ø125mm.
  • Airflow Ø80mm from 15 to 60 m3/h.
  • Airflow Ø125mm from 45 to 135m3/h.
  • Augmented reality application Aldes ColorLINE®: gives you the possibility to integrate ColorLINE® ventilation grille in your home decoration.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Made in France.
  • Compatible with Optiflex, Minigaine and Algaine.

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