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Bap’SI – Self-balanced grilles

  • Simple to maintain.
  • Roll-in seal.
  • Various models:
    • Bap’SI single airflow for self-balanced standard airflow < 60 m3/h
    • Bap’SI double airflow: self-balanced standard airflow / controlled boost airflow
    • Bap’SI twin single airflow for pour self-balanced airflow from 15 to 150 m3/h
  • Modulo version: same grille for several airflow, to limit stocks (adjustment on site).
  • Bap’SI twin air supply: grille without regulator, to be associated with an MR.
  • Self-balanced exhaust grille (constant airflow).
  • Pressure range: 50-160 Pa.
  • Tolerance on airflow (0; +30 %).
  • Versions and accessories that satisfy all installation needs.
  • Various methods of boost mode control:
    • PUSH – activated with a push button (ordered separately)
    • INTER – activated /deactivated with an ON/OFF switch (ordered separately)
    • CORD – activated / deactivated by pulling the cord.
  • Versions with shaft:
    • Ø 125 mm shaft (Roll-in seal)
    • Ø 80 mm shaft
  • Versions without shaft.

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