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Algaine – Flexible ducts

  • Full range of flexible plastic ducts – 3 families:
    • Algaine standard single-wall: compact, easy to install
    • Algaine insulated double-wall: thermal performance, easy to install
    • Algaine soundproofed: thermal and acoustic performance
  • Algaine standard single-wall range:
    • Available in standard, compact and fiber-reinforced versions
    • PVC film + steel film (+ polyester fiber for reinforced version)
  • Algaine insulated double-wall range:
    • Available in standard and compact version 25 mm thick and standard version 50 mm thick
    • Inner duct: polyester film
    • Outer duct: aluminium-coated polyester film
    • Glass wool insulation 25 or 50 mm
  • Algaine soundproofed range:
    • Inner duct: perforated aluminium shell on galvanized steel wire
    • Outer duct: aluminium mesh
    • Thermal insulation and soundproofing: 25 mm glass wool