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ALD 610K Combined – Square diffusers

  • Air supply diffuser with built-in return.
  • Filter on return air accessible on front.
  • Fitted in Tbar or Fine-Line suspended ceiling systems (600 x 600 or 675 x 675 mm).
  • Suited to central air management systems (ducted fan coils).
  • Fixed diffusion in four directions, with 1-4 slots.
  • Specific double plenum with aligned air supply and discharge connections – Ø 250 connection.
  • Heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Central plate on return channel optionally fitted with filter (in this case, the central core opens).

Selector Koanda 3D

What if the invisible became visible?
Selector Koanda 3D was developed to help construction tradespeople select the most suitable Aldes air diffusion products to meet the needs of each project. Select, position and enjoy a 3D view of air diffusers which respect the ambient and acoustic comfort of occupants.

Learn more about the software

Download Selector Koanda 3D


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