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OPTIFLEX, new semi-rigid ducts

OPTIFLEX, new semi-rigid ducts

Aldes has developed a completely new range specifically designed for the needs of single-family housing: Optiflex. Featuring circular and oval ducts, connections and innovative accessories, Optiflex will provide you with an easy and quick fit, which is long-lasting and ultra-airtight with optimal air quality.
When used with a HRV system, the Optiflex ductwork is a global solution which ensures both energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

A quick fix
The Optiflex range is suitable for all types of site constraints (it can be mounted on ceilings, walls, slab/screed) in new builds as well as refits. It saves installation time:
– Ultra-fast « 1 click » system: connection requires no adhesive tape or glue.
– Ultra-flexible ducts (with a very small bend radius).
– Possibility to combine different ducts thanks to the different accessories.
– Immediate identification of supply air ductwork (white circular or oval ductwork, antistatic and antibacterial) and exhaust air (black antistatic ductwork).
– 8 references only for a complete circular ductwork.

Long-lasting installation
– Ductwork ringed on the outside guaranteeing its resistance to worksite hazards: crushed ductwork, strangled bend, torn duct, etc.
– Ultra-smooth and anti-static ducts avoiding clogging of the ductwork.

Airtight ductwork
Ventilation systems become even more efficient with Optiflex:
– Little pressure loss: guaranteed flow rates at caps and saving on motor consumption.
– Acoustic comfort: soundproofed distribution boxes.
– Optimised efficiency of the double-flow ventilation.

Inside air quality
– Protecting the ductwork from pollution until used: accessories in hermetically-sealed packs, boxes, capped ducts and sleeves.
– Anti-bacterial treatment of ducts (silver ions).
– Food-grade HDPE ducts made of new material (no PVC), no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions.

See the OPTIFLEX product page

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