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InspirAIR® Home: The first connected solution for centralised air purification which beats to the rhythm of your life.

InspirAIR® Home: The first connected solution for centralised air purification which beats to the rhythm of your life.

Specifically designed for apartments and single-family houses, InspirAIR® Home helps purify incoming air, removing fine particles, pollutants, allergens, bacteria, and renewing indoor air, so that everyone can enjoy healthier air.

A digital centralized air purification solution, InspirAIR® Home helps you to monitor and control, at any time, the indoor air quality of your home from a smartphone.

InspirAIR® Home means:

More fresh air
InspirAIR® Home filters incoming air from outside and refreshes indoor air throughout the day.
For outdoor air, InspirAIR® Home has a new exclusive Aldes filtration solution that removes up to 99% of pollen, fine particles (PM2.5 and PM10) and bacteria.
The air in your home is constantly renewed freeing the household from CO2, VOCs, and moisture…
The result: purified and healthy indoor air, day after day.

More control
A digital solution, via the exclusive application AldesConnectTM, InspirAIR® Home can help you monitor and control, at anytime, the quality of indoor air in your home.
InspirAIR® Home also features a central ring-light display that pulsates according to the volume of air that has been purified. The different colors on the display change according to indoor air quality.
These two functions also monitor the filters to prevent clogging.

More design
A symbol of the global movement for innovation and design that Aldes wants to create with help from the agency Avant Première, InspirAIR® Home has a contemporary design, with clean and simple lines, reflecting the new DNA of the brand.
InspirAIR® Home has just been given the Plus X Award 2016, for its style, functionality and usability. This is the biggest Innovation award in the world for technological and lifestyle products.
Designed to fit it any space, its simplified fixing systems make it easy to mount on a wall, on a ceiling or false ceilings.
What’s more, no special tools are needed to access the filters, making maintenance really easy.

More comfort
Not only does it guarantee healthier air, InspirAIR® Home also allows you to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature, for optimal comfort, through its high-efficiency heat exchanger with energy recovery (up to 97%). This way, you don’t need to open windows to renew the indoor air: avoiding noise pollution and creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

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