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InspirAir Home : PassivHaus certification and SAP-PCDB database listed

InspirAir Home : PassivHaus certification and SAP-PCDB database listed

Aldes is pleased to inform you that its air purification and HRV unit InspirAir Home achieved PassivHaus certification delivered by the Passive House Institute, German independent research institute specialised in energy efficient building. This certificate ensures high efficiency and high technical performance (indoor air quality, electric power consumption, airtightness, sound insulation…).

On the UK market, the InspirAir Home is also now listed in the SAP-PCDB database (Product Characteristics Database), based from the system of methodologies recommended by the government in order to assess and compare building environmental and energetic performance  (SAP – Standard Assessment Procedure).  This is consistent with the overall policy of the United Kingdom in terms of energy performance of buildings.

This database provides technical data on products from specific tests, in order to be used in energetic performance calculations of dwellings. The two main parameters concerned are the SFP (Specific Fan Power) that quantifies the energy efficiency of the fan, and the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

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