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Our activities

A true pioneer, today the Aldes Group is a leader in ventilation and in air quality for single and multi-family housing and commercial premises.
In order to preserve the health of occupants and to preserve housing, the most modern ventilation systems facilitate air renewal and the exploitation of calories present in extracted air.
Hygiene, air quality, energy savings and housing preservation are watch words of an activity developing in parallel with the construction and the renovation of better sealed buildings.

Heating & Cooling
Aldes Group has always been involved in energy efficient comfort and sustainable development, developing heating and cooling solutions using the most innovative processes to exploit the calories present in the air. As a result, the Group offers multi-function and multi-energy solutions for renewable energy. Water and air heating are global multi-energy solutions available from the Aldes Group.

Domestic Hot Water
Because the production of DHW can be a significant source of savings in buildings and because there are calories available for exploitation, free of charge, in the air, the Aldes Group has developed systems with the capacity to use this “free” energy to heat water.

HVAC Components
Going beyond its traditional activity of simple air renewal, the Aldes Group has developed know-how and a comprehensive offering in air diffusion, distribution, and regulation whilst ensuring occupant comfort and associated energy consumption control.

Smoke extraction
Specialist in aeraulics and the study of air movement, the Aldes Group also offers a wide range of products for mechanic smoke extraction and building compartmentalization in the event of a fire. People’s safety in buildings is one of the Group’s vocational cornerstones.

Central vacuum cleaning
In the context of indoor air quality and occupant health, the Aldes Group designs and distributes central vacuum cleaning systems.
As a leader in Europe today today, our Group is working in close collaboration with private housing promoters and builders, offering solutions that are increasingly integrated and efficient, and vital to hygiene and comfort.