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Our project, our values

The Aldes Group was founded in 1925 in Lyon, France, where its head office remains to this day. Aldes is a family-owned international group, employing over 1300 people in 13 countries.

Our head office and history are in Lyon, a city recognised as an "attractive, innovative and international metropolis open to the world."

The company's local roots have always ensured strong interactivity with economic, social and cultural stakeholders, who are catalysts for trade and the development of skills.

Our Ambition 2016 corporate project

"Based on our fundamental values and our individual and combined skills, make Aldes an international, human, profitable group, a true reference on our markets." S. Lacroix CEO

The Ambition 2016 programme is shared by all employees and built around innovation for our customers and by our staff:



because it generates differentiation

Did you know?

Aldes is the inventor of humidity-controlled and micro watt technologies


for Customer solutions

constant attention to requirements, behaviours and market developments

Did you know?

2 million households around the world breathe fresh air filtered by ALDES products


to employee skills,

motivation and self-realisation.

Did you know?

Aldes is stimulating innovation by proposing a "Healthy Business" programme for its employees, dedicated to maintaining their overall health.

OUR VALUES: trust, commitment, respect for others.

Ever since the company was created, the Aldes group has based its growth on a labour policy where people are at the centre of the project and the actions taken. This human-oriented tradition is the source of three values defined by our employees, embodied by senior management, driven by line management, implemented on a daily basis and shared by all.

Trust in the assigned mission and the delegation granted. Have the right to make errors and the obligation to be responsive. Trust can only exist if there is commitment from those to whom it is granted.

Commitment to a shared project, for the team to achieve the desired results. Commitment depends on desire, effort and perseverance.

Respect for others with reciprocal attentiveness, acceptance of differences. In respect of functions, managerial responsibility, other employees and the regulatory framework implemented by the company

Such values slowly but surely enjoy greater visibility so they are not only "posted on the walls" but genuinely engrained in our habits.


Every year, CEO Stanlislas Lacroix invites about hundreds of employees, workers, technicians and managers to lunch, to share their thoughts about the corporate project and how they live the values on a day-to-day basis



By sponsoring, hosting people under Work Environment Evaluation programmes, simulated interviews, presentations in underprivileged schools, Aldes employees support associations and social institutions in their efforts to assist as many people as possible to return to or remain in employment.


In each of our agreements, we make various commitments in terms of volumes of staff, yet it goes beyond simply signing an agreement: our aim is to implement it:


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