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ALDES presents EasyHOME® : The first range of ventilation and connected air purification solutions

ALDES presents EasyHOME® : The first range of ventilation and connected air purification solutions

25 % de la population souffre d’allergies.
Un enfant inhale 2 fois plus de polluants qu’un adulte.
96 % de la population est exposée à des concentrationsde particules fines supérieures à la limite sanitaire fixée par l’OMS.

These figures show that we all should be able to breathe clean air in our home, whatever the location and type of dwelling. To meet this requirement, construction professionals need reliable ventilation solutions that are easy to install, both for new construction projects and renovations.

In light of this observation, Aldes has created EasyHome®, an innovative, unidirectional ventilation and air purification system, designed by and for system installers. This full-featured system blends air quality (multiple pollution agent sensors, filtered incoming air) with design (customised grille covers). The system is also connected through the AldesConnect™ app and can monitor the air quality inside and outside a dwelling.

The EasyHOME® range

The EasyHOME® range is designed to ventilate and purify air. It comprises:

EasyHOME® PureAIR, the first connected unidirectional ventilation and air purification system with multiple pollution agent sensors.
EasyHOME® Hygro, the first 100% efficient solution compatible with multiple ducts.
EasyHOME® Auto, the unidirectional ventilation solution designed for seamless integration in all interiors.

EasyHOME® : Designed for installers, by installers

ALDES has completely redesigned itsresidential unidirectional ventilation range to offer professional and DIY installers the maximu m in terms of ease and reliability:

Multi-position fitting
With multiple branch connections and low height, EasyHOME® can be fitted easily into place whatever the site configuration, on the wall, on the ceiling, on an inclined plane or in the attic.

Quick to install
The unit features a pivoting access hatch and a quick-connect terminal block to simplify electric connections. Two screws are all that is needed to fix it to the wall, the floor or the ceiling. Pictograms on each branch connection indicate the destination room connected (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), making the system much more intuitive.

Silent operation
Using the built-in anti-vibration strips.

100% compatible with a multi-duct system
Exclusive to ALDES, EasyHOME® is the first unidirectional solution compatible with flexible ducts (Algaine) and semi-rigid ducts (Optiflex) for an airtight, efficient installation.

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