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Aldes CAD Library: The downloading platform of smart 3D objects by ALDES

Aldes CAD Library: The downloading platform of smart 3D objects by ALDES

In line with the recommendations of the European Directive, France has set the date for the compulsory use of the BIM (Building Information Model) or digital model for January 1st 2017, for public markets.
Within this framework, Aldes, the European specialist of indoor air quality and thermal comfort, has developed the Aldes CAD Library, the downloading platform for smart 3D objects to help professionals in the construction and sustainable development of buildings.
Designed for building experts, (architects, design offices) and HVAC engineers (installers), the platform is intuitive, easy and quick to use.

Intuitive, easy and quick to use
The Aldes CAD Library platform provides 3D objects in RevitTM, dwg 3D and dxf 2D formats for all products in its catalogue. It is:
-Intuitive: it enables you to use eco-design really easily.
-Easy: to consult Aldes CAD Library you don’t need a user account, it is completely free and very easy to access. It enables you to access product files easily thanks to a personalized download of all or just part of the catalogue.
-Quick: thanks to its powerful multiple search engine, you can find 3D objects really quickly.

Reliable and high quality 3D objects
Wanting to provide high quality objects, ALDES has chosen to develop its own platform according to the format used by the building design software Autodesk Revit®. Other formats have been developed to respond 100% to professional contractors’ needs.
With guaranteed reliability, all the objects (equipment, accessories…) provided by ALDES CAD Library have been tested and validated. As proof of ALDES’ commitment, each new product will systematically be available and updated for its entire life cycle.
Last but not least, this upgradeable and interactive platform can create specific 3D objects on request. ALDES’ goal: to enable all users to save time

Available in several languages
The CAD library is available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

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