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07 March 2019

New International Catalogue 2019 - chapter Commercial Ventilation is available !

With the continued focus of its international development and the new brand positioning #HealthyLiving, Aldes commits to be at your side to support you daily in your projects. Showcase of this evolution, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to discover the third section of Aldes International Catalogue . This thrid part presents the Aldes offer concerning commercial ventilation solutions.

Discover in this catalogue:
- EasyVEC®  : The box fan range that makes ventilation easier. - VEX300T : New HRV unit with extremely compact design and optimum energy performance . - VEX4000 : New Aldes Modular Air Handling Unit with a multitude of combinations. - TAVA & TAHA : Aldes rooftop fans range available in vertical (TAVA) or horizontal (TAHA) discharge air.
Find also in this catalogue:
VEX500 : Heat Recovery offering the utmost in efficiency. - ISONE+ : Aldes fire dampers range designed to suit all buildings and all configurations
Other International Catalogues :
- AIR DIFFUSION, DUCTWORK & AIRFLOW CONTROL : Already available here:  www.aldes-international.com/en/catalog/ - RESIDENTIAL VENTILATION : Already available here:  www.aldes-international.com/en/catalog/ - FIRE PROTECTION: Available soon.
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08 April 2019

VEX300T : The new Premium ALDES EXHAUSTO AHU model makes 50% space savings

The ALDES EXHAUSTO air handling units are renowned for guaranteeing optimal indoor air quality and thermal comfort all year round, while also meeting demands for energy efficiency.

A new AHU model with a counterflow heat exchanger for office buildings will complete the ALDES EXHAUSTO range at the end of 2018: the VEX300T. The Eurovent, RLT and CDI 6022-certified VEX300T meets all the demands of design offices looking for high-performance equipment in terms of energy consumption, air quality and thermal comfort. And thanks to its small footprint, it offers a 50% space saving compared with horizontal units in the same category. Ideal for cutting construction costs and for installations in small technical rooms.

Designed for easy installation and maintenance

The VEX300T range features pre-cabled monoblock units. The standard circular connections are positioned on the top of the unit to reduce the footprint in comparison with products with horizontal connections. The wiring and regulation coil connections (direct control, electricity, cold water, hot water and reversible water) are readily accessible from the main panel (built-in coils). The high-efficiency counterflow plate exchanger (up to 95%) can be removed easily for simpler maintenance.
The self-supporting VEX300T units are made of double-wall aluminium-zinc panels, insulated by 50mm of rock wool for reduced vibrations, soundproofing, high thermal performance and a faultless finish.
Thanks to their compact dimensions, they fit through 900mm interior doors. For narrower configurations, and in particular for refurbishment projects, the Split option is available for the delivery of completely disassembled units.

High-performance filtration to protect occupants’ health

The five models in the VEX300T range offer a broad airflow range, stretching from 600 to 3,500 m3/h. The low-consumption EC motors combined with the reaction turbines achieve minimal consumption.
For optimal indoor air quality, the VEX300T range is available with the outdoor air pre-filtration option that uses M5 (ePM10 65%), F7 (ePM1 55%) and F9 (ePM1 80%) filters for the fresh air, G4 (coarse 65%), M5 and F7 filters for the exhaust flow, and G4, M5 and F7 pre-filters.
The EXselect selection software, accessible online on www.aldes.fr, can be used to size the unit to your individual needs.
The VEX300T units are designed for energy-efficient non-residential buildings, such as offices, schools, hotels, residences for dependent elderly people, etc.

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26 March 2020

COVID-19 Information

Aldes by your side!

Dear Customers and Partners

We are going through an unprecedented health crisis.

In this context, the ALDES Group places priority on the health and safety of its teams, customers and partners, in line with various government recommendations. As such, teleworking is the rule for the employees concerned.

Our desire to provide you with the best possible service requires daily adaptation of our services and our organization.

To date, we ensure the continuity of our design operations, order intake, production and our logistics platforms continue to deliver to you at home and on your sites.

Your usual commercial contacts can be reached by phone, email, to ensure the continuity of your files.

After-sales Service operations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

These elements are of course subject to change in the event of a change in the situation.

Finally, be assured of the total commitment of all the Aldes teams, and we are convinced that solidarity, a sense of responsibility and benevolence will help us to pass this milestone. We will emerge stronger together.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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Recruitment process

Photo Carrières

a Our Human Resources policy is crucial to the performance and substainable development of the Aldes Group. A collective goal shared by teams that subscribe to, and work towards, this goal.

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